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The Ultra Trail Series encompasses a number of AURA races and fun runs.  Individual points are awarded for each event completed, based on the UTS Rules.  Male and Female – Open, Master, Grand Master, Senior, and Super-Senior winners (Kings/Queens of the Trail) are crowned at the completion of the series each year, based on point totals. 

Some of the UTS races are low-key, no-fee, no frills, minimal aid events (a.k.a. “fun runs”), while others are full-fledged races.  Please plan and prepare accordingly.  

Points standings are published regularly in the AURA newsletter.  Sure, you can see them here too, but don't be a bum--join the club and get the newsletter.

NOTE:  The following schedule is subject to changes and/or additions.

Date Event Location  


Midnight 50K  results

Lake Sylvia

UTS race #1 - Fun Run - 8:00 PM start

(also a 25K which is not a UTS race)

8/25/12 Mt. Nebo Trail Run (14 miles +/-)  results Dardanelle

UTS race #2 - Fun Run



Bartlett Park (TN) Ultras (50 miles / 40 miles / 50K)  results

Bartlett, TN

UTS race #3


Arkansas Traveller 100  results

Perryville UTS race #4
10/28/12 Styx n'Stones 30K Trail Run  results Devils Den S.P UTS race #5 - Fun Run (also a 15K which is not a UTS race)
11/10/12 Bona Dea 50K  results Russellville UTS race #6
11/23-24/12 Sunset 6/12/24 Hr Endurance Run  results Benton UTS race #7 - Fun Run
12/08/12 Lake Ouachita Vista Trail Run  results Mt. Ida

UTS race #8 - Fun Run


1/5/13 Athens-Big Fork Trail Marathon Big Fork

UTS race #9 - Fun Run


White Rock Classic 50K  results

Brannon UTS race #10 - Fun Run
3/30/13 Big Rock Mystery Run  results North Little Rock UTS race #11 - Fun Run
4/20/13 Ouachita Trail 50 Mile/50K  results Little Rock UTS race #12
5/11/13 Mount Magazine Trail Run  results Mt Magazine S.P. UTS race #13 - Fun Run
6/8/13 The Catsmacker Run & UTS Awards Ceremony Lake Winona Park Not a UTS race

Some UTS race terms and guidelines:

Sign-in sheet.  It may be up to you to keep your own time, and sign in when you complete the run.

Water bottle.  This is what you need to carry on most of the runs.  For minimal aid races, there might be water set out, but there won’t be cups.  Show some consideration to your fellow runners by NOT tonguing the water jugs or wasting the water! 

Donation can.  If it’s a no-fee race, there might be a donation can.  Participants are encouraged to toss in a couple of bucks to show appreciation for those putting on the race, marking the course, providing aid, etc, or just to the AURA club.

For more information on Ultra Trail Series runs or the AURA, contact Stan.

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