AURA 2014-2015 Ultra Trail Series

Participants list (updated 9/19/2014) - Sign Up!

Deb Baker
Tisha Deen
Chrissy Ferguson
Cymber Gieringer
Elaine Gimblet
Lisa Gunnoe
Katie Helms
Tina Ho
Melissa Martin
Susan McCourt
Rebecca McGraw
Ann Moore
Jean Noble
Angie Orellano-Fisher
Monica Ritchie
Stacey Shaver
Angie Stewart
Andi Stracner
Shauna Veazey

Jason Auer
Caleb Ault
Dennis Baas
Greg Bourns
Bill Brass
James Culhane
Ronnie Daniel
Joshua Drake
Johnny Eagles
Bill Elmore
Stan Ferguson
Cliff Ferren
Harrison French
Ron Gimblet
Tommy Griffin
Kurt Hauser
Chris Ho
Charlie Hoag
James Holland
Alan Hunnicutt
Wesley Hunt
Ben Mansur
George McDonald
Stephen O'Neal
Rafal Olan
George Peterka
Ernie Peters
Dale Powell
Malcolm Smith
David Trower
Paul Turner
Darron Tytler
Jeff Underwood
PoDog Vogler
Jonathan Young

If it has been more than a week since you think your UTS application should have been received and you don't see yourself listed here, feel free to check with George.