AURA 2014-2015 Ultra Trail Series

Participants list (updated 8/26/2014) - Sign Up!

Jason Auer                 M
Caleb Ault                 M
Dennis Baas                M
Deb Baker                  F
Greg Bourns                M
Bill Brass                 M
James Culhane              M
Ronnie Daniel              M
Tisha Deen                 F
Joshua Drake               M
Johnny Eagles              M
Bill Elmore                M
Chrissy Ferguson           F
Stan Ferguson              M
Cliff Ferren               M
Harrison French            M
Cymber Gieringer           F
Elaine Gimblet             F
Ron Gimblet                M
Tommy Griffin              M
Lisa Gunnoe                F
Kurt Hauser                M
Katie Helms                F
Chris Ho                   M
Tina Ho                    F
Charlie Hoag               M
James Holland              M
Alan Hunnicutt             M
Wesley Hunt                M
Ben Mansur                 M
Melissa Martin             F
Susan McCourt              F
George McDonald            M
Rebecca McGraw             F
Jean Noble                 F
Stephen O'Neal             M
Rafal Olan                 M
George Peterka             M
Ernie Peters               M
Dale Powell                M
Monica Ritchie             F
Stacey Shaver              F
Malcolm Smith              M
Angie Stewart              F
Andi Stracner              F
David Trower               M
Paul Turner                M
Darron Tytler              M
Jeff Underwood             M
Shauna Veazey              F
PoDog Vogler               M
Jonathan Young             M





If it has been more than a week since you think your UTS application should have been received and you don't see yourself listed here, feel free to check with George.



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