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 Thursday, March 20, 2003


(R-Rooter) -- After accusations of scandal and some isolated small scale rioting over the assignment of AURA membership numbers, local trail and ultra running kingpin "The Bigshot" comes clean on his dastardly decimal motives.  The following text is an excerpt from the gripping "Message From The Bigshot" column contained in the March 2003 AURA newsletter.

Much acrimony has been perceived at the Power-Room regarding the assigning of Ultra Numbers in last month's newsletter. I take full responsibility for not getting the word out that big changes were in the works. For new members I should start at the beginning.  First of all having a number is a powerful thing.  Secondly, all numbers are confidential known only to the Bigshot and those you squeal to. One advantage of being anonymous is that the Bigshot can communicate with you via the newsletter without anyone being embarrassed by others knowing who you are.  It is sort of like code-talking.  Here is an example: Attention Number 3 --"I have your old dropbags from the AT100.  Because you have not shown up for any AURA functions in three or four years, I can't return them.  I think there is some good stuff.  Give me a sign as to when we will see you again."  See what I mean? But perhaps the biggest confusion is that the numbers were flip-flopped.  Everyone, except Number 13, got a new number. Most of the squawking I received was from those with low numbers.  Heretofore, one's mission within the AURA was to progress each year to a lower number. After 14 years there has developed a blockage at the top end by some of you sitting on your number without movement. The way to make movement is by doing good ultra deeds.  Now instead of your goal being to move and progress to #1, your goal is to move toward #100. Hence, the higher number one has the better standing one has. Next year you might be rewarded appropriately .I hope this clears up the question of AURA numbers.

The Bigshot                  

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