White Rock Classic 50K and 25K

February 5, 2005

No fees, No frills, No WIMPS!


Race starts at 9:00 am on road #1003, just off of Hwy 23, about a mile north of the Mulberry River (near Cass).

The 50K is Race #6 of the 2004-2005 Ultra Trail Series

Brought to you by Ricky Williams, the Arkansas Ultra Running Association, and the folks at Turner Bend.

Run briefing before the race at Turner Bend Store, Hwy 23 at the Mulberry River.

Please keep your own time and sign in at the finish.

The 25K course is point-to-point, finishing on top of White Rock Mountain.

The 50K course runs with the 25K course to the top of White Rock Mountain, then retraces back to the start.

Vans provided by Turner Bend are run to return 25K finishers to the starting line or Turner Bend.

The course is run completely on well-maintained forest road.

Aid is set up approximately every 5-6 miles.


Approximate cumulative elevation changes:

25K:  3500' total climb, 1900' total descent

(1900' additional climb and 3500' additional descent for the 50K)


Be sure to thank the aid station workers, van drivers, and Ricky Williams for putting on this run.

Show your appreciation.  Buy some stuff at Turner Bend!