Gulpha Gorge Trail Run

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 - 7:30am

Miscellaneous Information



Distance:  17.2 miles

Location:  Gulpha Gorge campground in Hot Springs


Directions:  Take Exit 2 on Hwy. 70 east of Hot Springs. Go north about 1/4 mile to Gulpha Gorge Campground. Park only in designated parking areas. Do not park off of the pavement. The race will start and finish at the far end of the campground near the amphitheater.


Course description:  Hilly, mostly single track trail.  Because of closure of the trail to Fordyce Peaks/Blowout Mountain resulting from downed trees, the route will be modified to include a loop on Hot Springs Mountain.  The course will loop back down to the gorge, then around the usual trail but without the out-and-back on Fordyce Peaks/Blowout Mountain.  The resulting course will be approximately 3/10 mile shorter than the original course.  The turns will be marked with flour and orange ribbons. Maps will be available at the start for runners not familiar with the course.


Aid:  There will be an aid station at 7.2 miles, and tentatively a second one at 12.2 miles.  Water will be available from a spring at the 14.7 mile point on Fountain Avenue.  It is recommended that runners carry a water bottle.


There is no application or entry fee.  There may be some form of receptacle into which a buck or two donation would be appropriate to cover expenses associated with marking and administering the run and providing aid.


This is a low-key event--a “fun run”.  Please keep your own time and sign in at the finish.


Race contact:  Pete