AURA 2014-2015 Ultra Trail Series Participants

62 Participants (updated 12/3/2014) - Sign Up!

Please contact George for any of the following:
  1. It's been more than a week since you joined and you don't see yourself here.
  2. You wish to email me a photo.
  3. You wish to add a social media link.
  4. You do not want your name displayed at all.
email: advdesinc@sbcglobal.net or cell: 501-202-8090 or facebook

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Photo Name Sex Age on
City Social
Jason Auer M 31 Jonesboro  
  Caleb Ault M 27 North Little Rock
  Dennis Baas M 68 Little Rock  
Deb Baker F 52 Little Rock
Greg Bourns M 74 Mena
Bill Brass M 74 N Little Rock
  Angie Brown F 48 Greenbrier  
  Jake Brown M 25 Greenbrier  
  James Culhane M 53 Oakland, TN  
Ronnie Daniel M 44 Little Rock
  Tisha Deen F 32 Little Rock
Joshua Drake M 45 Hot Springs
  Johnny Eagles M 62 Little Rock  
  Bill Elmore M 54 Little Rock  
Chrissy Ferguson F 53 Maumelle
Stan Ferguson M 50 Maumelle  
Cliff Ferren M 58 North Little Rock
  Harrison French M 54 Rogers  
  Cymber Gieringer F 43 Pine Bluff
Elaine Gimblet F 66 N. Little Rock
Ron Gimblet M 66 N. Little Rock  
Tommy Griffin M 31 Mountainburg
Lisa Gunnoe F 48 Judsonia
Kurt Hauser M 49 Hot Springs
Katie Helms F 36 Fayetteville
Chris Ho M 39 North Little Rock  
Tina Ho F 49 North Little Rock
  Charlie Hoag M 60 Farmington,  
James Holland M 37 Memphis, TN email
  Alan Hunnicutt M 60 Berryville  
Wesley Hunt M 31 Little Rock email
  Kevin King M 46 Fayetteville
  Ben Mansur M 42 Little Rock
  Melissa Martin F 50 Conway  
  Susan McCourt F 37 Farmington
George McDonald M 61 North Little Rock  
Rebecca McGraw F 45 Conway
  Ann Moore F 73 Little Rock  
Brett Nguyen M 45 Fort Smith
  Jean Noble F 37 Maumelle
  Stephen O'Neal M 35 Bentonville
  Rafal Olan M 40 Little Rock  
Angie Orellano-Fisher F 64 Sherwood
George Peterka M 54 Hot Springs
Ernie Peters M 66 Little Rock  
Dale Powell M 63 Mena
Monica Ritchie F 44 Sherwood
  Kelley Robbins F 333 Mountainburg
  Kevin Robbins M 37 Mountainburg
  Rosemary Rogers F 66 Maumelle
Stacey Shaver F 42 North Little Rock
Malcolm Smith M 51 Texarkana, TX fbook
Angie Stewart F 33 Fayetteville
  Andi Stracner F 41 North Little Rock
  Glorimar Toro F 28 Sherwood
  David R Trower M 48 N. Little Rock
Paul Turner M 51 Conway
Darron Tytler M 48 Conway
  Jeff Underwood M 51 Fayetteville  
Shauna Veazey F 44 Benton
Podog Vogler M 48 Russellville
Jonathan Young M 33 Benton