Full mOOn 50K

(Message from Susy the RD)


This is our UTS 2012-2013 season kickoff and a celebration event honoring birthdays of favorite AURA Queens. This trail is great for beginners, pavement pounders and PRs! Rolling hills on all FSR roads. Please bring running family and friends.

Donations to cover the cost of finish food, aid station supplies and forest service permit are needed and appreciated. A donation can will be provided at the race, but you are welcome to send them in advance to:

Full Moon
32 Emerald Dr.
Maumelle, AR 72113

If you have special requests for aid station items or finish food, send them to the above address with your check or gift card to appropriate outlet.

The run will be held from Lake Sylvia Day Use area. There are restrooms onsite and showers at the campground nearby.  So plan to stick around for the after-party.

Again, no fees, no frills, except for the coolest kickoff ever!

Note:  A $3.00 park fee will need to be paid at the park entrance for each vehicle.


Please carpool if you can! Parking is limited to the parking lot. NO PARKING ON THE ROAD, GRASS OR ANYTHING THAT ISN'T PAVED. The Forest Service is very serious about this and will ticket and/or tow your vehicle.  Follow parking directors as you pull in.  No valet!

Midnight Meat:/
Main event starts @ 8:00 p.m. Trail briefing, maps, AURA announcements, etc. @ 7:45 p.m.

Out & Back along the same course as before. 25K & 50K runs. Marked with flour only; no glowsticks, fireworks, flares or luminary devices of any kind.

There are cutoffs for this year: 25K T/A aid station cutoff is 10:15 pm for runners travelling on. If 50Kers don't meet the cutoff, they become 25Kers, no questions. If they would like more miles, they are welcome to turnaround again at the finish after signing out. 50Kers arriving @ Charlie's T/A aid station after Midnight will be required to wait for the 12:30 sag wagon.

Once the sag wagon departs, anyone encountered still heading out will be transported back to 25K T/A aid station or finish as
determined by sag crew. Any runners not exited the 25K T/A aid station by 2:15 a.m. will be transported to finish by sag wagon. Aid station workers are not sag crew or transporters. If you do not make the cutoffs, you get a free ride! All runners must sign in by 4 a.m. or will be picked up by course sweeper.
Early starters who cannot make the 8-hour cutoff are allowed, starting at 7 p.m. only.  The course will already by marked, with water at the 3.5 mile aid station only.   Please do not show up between 7 & 8 and start running. If you cannot complete the course in 9 hours, please run the 25K or train and try again next year. Starting before 7 p.m. increases the likelihood of getting lost and taking longer than 9 hours to find you!

Two staffed and stocked aid stations at approx. miles 7.5 & 15.5; two water-on-the-side-of-the-road aid stations at approx. miles 3 & 11.

Expect heat & humidity & darkness. Bring a headlamp, salt and a 20 oz + water bottle. Bug Spray -- Good! Sunscreen -- Bad! Snake-bite Juice -- Optional! No kissing copperheads! There is no EMT or radio service provided for this run.


Thanks and we'll see you all out there. PeeWee RD SP (e-mail; phone: 501-851-6182)


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