Crew Guidelines

Crews are allowed only at the following aid stations:  Start/Finish, Lake Sylvia (outbound), Lake Winona, Powerline, and Copperhead Road (previously known as Chile Pepper).  There are no exceptions.

For the Lake Sylvia aid station, crews must leave vehicles parked at Camp Ouachita or the Lake Sylvia Day area and walk to the aid station.  No cars can be parked on the road near the aid station at any time. 

At the Lake Winona, Powerline, and Copperhead Road aid stations, all crew cars must be parked on one side of the road, as marked at the aid station.  

At the Lake Winona aid station, it is imperative that you stay within the designated confines of the aid station.  DO NOT venture onto the Lake Winona levy.

Dogs are allowed at aid stations, but MUST be on a leash, and cannot be near the aid tables.

Crews must abide by the instructions of aid station personnel.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted on Forest Service land.  The entire Arkansas Traveller race course is on Forest Service land.


Crew Directions

There are only two crew access roads on the course.  FSR 114 and FSR 132.  Both are well maintained. However, it is recommended that you use FSR 132 where possible.  FSR 114 has a history of causing flat tires.  DRIVE CAREFULLY ON THESE NARROW Forest Service Roads.  You will have plenty of time to meet your runner at the next crew aid station.

1.   From the START to mile 16.4.  Lake Sylvia is approximately half a mile down Hwy 324 from Camp Ouachita.  Park at Lake Sylvia and walk down the road to the aid station at the Ouachita Trail access parking lot. 

2.   Lake Winona Aid Station at mile 31.9.  Follow Hwy 324 east to Hwy 10. Turn right onto Hwy 10 and continue 1.5 miles to Williams' Junction and Hwy 9. At the intersection take the right hand fork onto Hwy 9. Go 5.7 miles and turn right onto Lake Winona Road .  Follow Lake Winona Rd for 4 miles to intersection with FSR 114 (right) and FSR 778 (straight).  Go straight on FSR 778 (past the spillway) and follow road for approximately one more mile to the aid station.

3.   * Powerline Aid Station at mile 48.0. From Lake Winona Aid Station, go back to intersection of Hwy 9 and Lake Winona Road. Turn left. Go about 2.5 miles to Winona Scenic Drive. Turn left. This is FSR 132. Follow 132 approximately 20 miles. The Aid Station will be set up 0.2 mile past the transmission power lines where they cross over FSR 132.

4.   Copperhead Road Aid Station at Miles 52.1 and 63.7. From Powerline, proceed north on FSR 132, take the second road to the right (FSR 114).  Follow FSR 114 for approximate 1.3 miles to FSR 961.  Go right on FSR 961 and follow approximately 2.3 miles to the Copperhead Road Aid Station.  Follow aid station parking directions.

5.   Powerline Aid Station mile 67.9. From Copperhead Road, retrace your route to Powerline.

6.   * Lake Winona Aid Station mile 83.9. See Direction #2. Follow FSR 132 east back to Hwy 9.

7.   FINISH. Follow Hwy 10 to Hwy 324 to Camp Ouachita.

* Alternative Route between Lake Winona and Powerline:  To greatly reduce the amount of travel on unpaved forest roads, you might consider taking Hwy 9 south to Hwy 5 west, to Hwy 7 north, to get to FSR 132, just past Iron Springs picnic area (see map).  Take a right on FSR 132, and it is about three miles to Powerline.  Although twice as far distance-wise, it takes approximately the same amount of time, plus you will find many more options for stores, places to eat, and gas in the Hot Springs Village area.



Crews should plan accordingly for these food, gas, ice, and grocery options during the race: