Heart of the Traveller Training Runs

Labor Day weekend

Held over Labor Day weekend, the Heart of the Traveller training runs offer the opportunity to view about half of the AT100 course.  Highly recommended for first time Traveller entrants--especially those doing their first 100-miler.  For perspective, refer to the AT100 course map.  No application or entry fee is required.


Lake Winona Run

Saturday - 6:30am

Distance:  25+ miles


Course (same as the last two years): Starting from the Lake Winona park, just above the intersection of FSR 114 (Lake Winona Road) and FSR 778, this out-and-back run starts out FSR 114 going North, following the AT100 course through the Rocky Gap (FSR 212), Electronic Tower, and Pumpkin Patch aid stations, and continuing to the intersection of FSRs 132C, 132, and 152--where you turn around and retrace your route.   


Support: Water will be placed every several miles.  Lunch will be provided at the finish.


Rules for Lake Winona Park:

#1  DO NOT park on the grass.  If there is no space available in the parking lot when you arrive, please park outside the park gate on ONE SIDE of FSR 114.

#2  Keep Off the spillway and levy.

#3  No bike riding is allowed in the park except in the parking lot and drive.


Directions:   Meet at Lake Winona park.  Please keep noise to a minimum when you arrive--to not bother the park superintendent.  Driving directions from Williams Junction (intersection of highways 10 and 9) : Go south on Hwy 9 for 5.7 miles.  Turn right onto Lake Winona Road .  Follow Lake Winona Rd for 4 miles to intersection with FSR 114 (right) and FSR 778 (straight).  Go right, up the hill, and turn left into the park.  Be quiet when you arrive.


Smith Mountain Loop

Monday - 6:30am

Distance:  23-24 miles


Course: The start is near the Turnaround aid station of the AT100 (mile 58) and the route covers approximately 15 distinct miles of the race course, including about four miles on un-maintained 4-wheeler road over Smith Mountain.  The remainder of the run is on well-maintained forest roads. 


Support: Water will be placed every several miles.   


Directions:   The run starts at the intersection of Forest Service roads 114 and 2. Recommended driving directions to this location from Williams Junction (intersection of highways 10 and 9) : Go west on Hwy 9 for approximately 3 miles. Right on FSR 132 (aka Winona Scenic Drive). Follow approximately 11 miles. Go left on FSR 75. Follow about 2 miles, and turn left at the intersection with FSR 114. It's less than a quarter mile to the FSR 2 intersection. Plenty of free parking there.

If you look on a map, taking FSR 114 looks inviting, but many people have been trained not to take that road because of the odds of winding up with a flat tire.