Runner Information Packet - Information

General Information
Arkansas weather in October can be unpredictable. The average high temperature for race weekend is mid-70's and the average low is in the low 50's, but wide variances can occur. It has rained; it has hailed. Don't be without a hat and emergency poncho or garbage bag.

Expect darkness to come at 6:30-7:00 pm and dawn around 6:30-6:45 am. Flashlights are essential during the nighttime; a flashlight at the start is optional-some runners carry one, others do not. Those anticipating a 28-30 hour pace should either place a flashlight in a drop-bag at Club Flamingo or be prepared by already carrying a light.

Three cabins near Camp Ouachita will be open for showers after the race (--these are not to be used for lodging). There are two shower buildings in the Lake Sylvia campground that can also be used.

By Forest Service regulation, no dogs are allowed on the grounds at Camp Ouachita or in the Lake Sylvia Day Area.

Race Website:
Runner progress updates will be posted on the website during the race.
Race director contact: or 501-231-0535

Course Overview
The format of the course is a 17-mile figure-eight loop followed by an 83-mile out-and-back through the Ouachita Mountains. Eight miles of the course--approximately mile 9 through 17 are on the Ouachita National Recreation Trail. There are a total of two miles of pavement on Highway 324, with the remainder of the mileage on forest roads and jeep trails of greatly varying quality. Total cumulative climb is about 12,000 feet. The Ouachita Trail is permanently marked with blue blazes. The remaining 92 miles will be marked with blue and white striped ribbon, chalk paint or flour arrows (at turns), occasional signs, and glow sticks (at night). See Official Course Description for detailed course directions.

Rules Pacing
Runners can have a pacer beginning at the Powerline Aid Station (out-bound). Runners 60 years and older may have a pacer from the start. You can have only one pacer at a time running with you, except for the last two miles of the race. No bicycle or motorized pacing. Pacers and vehicle/pacer shuttle services are not provided or guaranteed by the race.

Cut-off Times
Each runner is allowed to set his or her own pace as long as he or she is OUT of each aid station by the posted cut-off time. These cut-offs are strictly enforced. See Aid Station chart for cut-off times. Each aid station beginning with Lake Winona outbound has a "Red Zone" time. This is informational, so that you are aware if you are behind the pace kept by the majority of runners who officially finish.

Dropping Out
If you must drop out of the race, make sure you report to the captain at the nearest aid station-who will cut off your wrist band. Failure to do this may result in search and rescue, which could be at runner's expense. Drop shuttles go to most aid stations, but not Pigtrail or Rocky Gap. Be aware that if you drop out of the race at one of these two locations you will probably be there until the aid station breaks down and the volunteers return to race headquarters.

Participants will be weighed at runner check-in, and scales will be at Lake Winona and Powerline aid stations for runner use or for runner evaluation by medical volunteers. Medical personnel, the race director, and aid station captains have the right to pull a runner if they feel the runner may be a danger to himself/herself. All runners must abide by the directions of the medical personnel and aid station captains.

All sub-24 hour finishers receive special enameled buckles. Sub-30 hour finishers earn bronze buckles. Custom plaques are awarded to the first female and male, runners-up, and overall and master finishers. These will be presented at the runner and volunteer picnic held later in October, or mailed.

Drop Bags
While we do not have a rule limiting the size of drop bags, PLEASE BE REASONABLE! If you cannot easily carry all your drop bags at once by yourself, they are probably not of reasonable size. Drop bags can be left at the start/finish area on Friday, or Saturday morning before the start. They should be waterproof. See Aid Station chart for drop bag locations. Clearly label each drop bag with your NAME, RACE NUMBER, and AID STATION. Drop bags will be returned to race headquarters ASAP, but by no later than noon on Sunday. Please pick them up, as they will not be mailed back to you.